Monday, September 29, 2008

Silly Day

I finally got all of my barrettes up on Etsy! And I lowered my prices more than I would have liked. I know I should be patient, but I need to fill up my gas tank and my belly. Oh bother :(

But I am so grateful to Etsy and those who have bought from me. If it weren't for those sales, I wouldn't be able to pay this months bills. I am just glad that part of my income comes from giving somebody something beautiful and not just me renting myself out renting movies to people. If that makes any sense (I work at a movie store).

Well, let's hope for the best

Insomnia and Hair Clips

Oh, I just cannot sleep. My bedtime is now in the area of 5am. That's what happens when the earliest I've had to be at my job is 2pm, and normally 5pm.

I've only added three of the six felt barrettes I've made to my Etsy shop. Here they all are! (the first three are the ones in the shop) Saturn made it to my first (and only?) treasury! ~

I enjoy making these...felt is fun!

Oh yes, and I am very excited to have my first returning customer :)))

Ten sales is just so wonderful to me! I love the feeling of people enjoying my art so much they will pay money for it...still getting used to that fact :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

This guy tried getting into my car one time!

See! There he is!

Ok, now that I've ruined my reputation of being a sane person (hmm, I don't think I ever had that reputation to begin with). Bigfoot has been an interest of mine since the sixth grade. Nowadays I just think he's a funny guy, and fun to draw. Check out Graham Roumieu's hilarious BF books here. Hilarious. But anyways, I painted that watercolor for a friend yesterday and wanted to share.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Here are a few recent paintings that I either have in a cafe or were given as gifts

They were done when I first "discovered" this new style. It's fun to do :)

A start out

Oh no, does this make me a "blogger?"

All well, I made this to talk about my arts & craftings. I'm pretty motivated to make this work. I've sold 6 paintings so far. 5 on Etsy ( and 1 in real life. It's made me optimistic that people will spend money on art still. I mean, I would if I had money. But art's really important and I'm happy that some people like mine.

So...I just bought 72 guitar picks for $10 on Ebay, and hope to win 200 earring hooks for $1. I know it's well worn territory, but I've always wanted to make guitar pick earrings. Plus, I'll probably only sell them for around $5.

Barrettes are coming soon as well. They're already made, but my camera just broke and I'm waiting to borrow one from a friend. I made them out of felt and attached them to a large bobby pin-esque clip that I think will work better than one of those clasping barrette things.

Perhaps I'm being foolish, but maybe I can make a living off of art income and a low paying job. I just don't want to have a constricting "career." Ahhh, scary! I have a feeling I'm just being very naive right now, heh. But I don't want to rant so much on this blog, so I'll leave it at "I never want to get stuck behind a desk."

So, if anybody actually read this...goodbye! I mean until next time.