Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nice Surprise

So I have today off...not much to do (besides the always present cleaning) I've been spending most of my day working on Etsy stuff. I finally took some pictures of my barrettes that I'm actually satisfied with (thanks to my awesome, new camera). I renewed a few ACEOs and decided to check my views on Craft Cult (huh? didn't realize they changed their name). Anyways, long story short, page views were way up so I investigated and I'm in my 4th treasury (that I know of). Nothing on the front page yet...but maybe this one will be, I'll cross my fingers.

I'm pretty sure all of the treasuries I've been in so far have been space related, haha. Well, I do love space!

Ummmm, well, I haven't eaten yet today so perhaps I should go do that...I got into one of my zones after waking up where I start with something and don't stop until it's done.

I'm also very excited/happy about sales lately...4 in 4 days! That's definitely a record for me...and almost 20 sales! I never thought I'd make 20 sales! And I'm offering a free gift to whomever makes the 20th sale :)

I want to add pictures, so here are the new barrette photos:

Why are you sideways peacock?!?!?

Oh wait, here's a few pictures from the holidays...
My sister is weird.

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kim* said...

i love your items and especially the banner!