Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crazy old cat/felt lady

Ahhh, finally I have new creations. I haven't painted in a while. My time has been consumed by the wonders of felt! It's so fun and easy to work with. Pretty much everything I'm making is a gift, so I'm just going to put up 2 examples of what I'm doing...

this one's a pin I decided to keep to spruce up my boring coats:
and this one's a gift to my brother which I can show because he's not much of an internet person:

The second one is kind of a felt picture thing which can be framed or just hung on the wall as is. I really like using thread as a sort of sketchy pencil line

Oh, and the colors on both of these are bad because I just scanned them and messed with the colors a bit...my camera is still sick :(

After all the gifts are given I'm going to try to get pictures of all of them up here...I'm going to make more felt stuff now cuz I just got some new felt yesterday, yesssssssss.

*Edit - sort of...my awesome, amazing, wonderful boyfriend just gave me an early xmas present that consists of one totally great camera (a Canon PowerShot)...I've never had such a nice camera and I am still awake at almost 6am because I had to wait for the battery to charge so I could test it out...and I am in love. Ahh, I'm so excited to take pictures of EVERYTHING.


Anonymous said...

the second one, the landscape-y one is really rad. cool!

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